Over the last year, i have heard many people, especially on Youtube say, they don’t like editing, or they have to. I didn’t think i would like it, but i love editing, its like a dance.
I have been filming at gigs and having fun with footage for a couple of years. I began to get paid projects for this, when i got asked. I had no idea that was going to happen.
My first editing job was based on a montage video with a seperate naturation track i laid on it.
This was part of my radio show promotion on Youtube of artists.

The Lead singer of the shapes noticed the clip that i used of them performing,  liked what i had done, then asked me to produce a video
The main reason i began to plug this, rather than leave in the background as a hobby, is, come rain or shine i can get a project done. I was in the gardening business and still can do that as i love working out doors, although random weather can cancel work. With editing work, i can do day or night or both, getting the project done, without the weather interfering, which i had to postpone sometimes fpr that very reason
My first, main job if you like it working in a local sweet shop Sugar Rush

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