General Charges as of January 23rd 2017
This is due to financial circumstances. Can still work with budgets and consider deals

We have been told we are very reasonable. Many charge £35 an hour.
For a video roughly 5 minutes long( Sourcing and editing £80 a day ‘
We like to keep things simple, reason for the price, not per hour.
Alternatively if you operate on an hourly rate? We charge £15 an hour
On average, unless there are any issues that arise that extens a projects time, one video between 2-5 minutes takes about 30 hours to complete. Same as a part time job through 7 days).
Longer project take time. It all depends what it involves.
If there is fresh footage to be shot we taken that into account when pricing

Fresh footage example. To shoot in Oxford, depending on how many takes is required ( We try and keep to a minimum), weather condition, unless inside
£100 a day

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