This area will give you some ideas of the footage i have been archiving. In my spare time,  i go to gigs and filming round the countryside. i also have drone footage which is shot by Banburyshire360, for which i have permission to use but will cost extra.
Shot November 2016, Birmingham
We tested a sony Xperia phone with this performance( I went back to Samsung)We can either use this for effect or another camera. The sound did not hold up. However i took along the canon sd1100 as a recording audio backup and this is the result.
What you hear is the audio coming from the P.A and any guitar amps.
If you want something simular and want cleaner audio, the sound needs to be record via the engineer. Or can be cut to a studio recording
Shot September 2016
Radio Halloween Promo
Another idea if you do not want to be in the video?
This is all different videos of me and my radio partner, Crow, dancing to songs when we do the Dog and Crow Show. I did a promo taking a lot of segments from them.
This is all mainly recorded on a samsung phone with the music by Jesus Hooligan, dubbed over
This is Drone footage and camera on the foot. This cut to the music on the track, which we got permission to use. Want something like this?
This was August 2016 with radio guest from London, Blackdoghat.
This is a before and after the radio broadcast audio has been added
Radio Guest
Show with a Canon compact and overdubbed with radio broadcast audio.
Charlie Leavy, recorded live in the Dog and Crow Show
Shot with the Canon compact on Saturday 25th May 2016 in Birmingham
At the Flapper and HMV institute.
The audio is direct from the canon ds1100
This is shot at a Naked Lunch performance. Using a canon compact and a Samsung smartphone. The audio you are hearing is direct from the canon and synced in with both pieces of footage.
Among the Echos : Fracture : HMV Institute April 2016
Audio direct from the Canon compact sd1100